Vinod Kumar Chaubey, the first and the only police officer of Chhattisgarh to receive the peacetime gallantry award Kirti Chakra

Light a candle for this great Indian hero

Vinod Kumar Chaubey was known for his bravery rescue operations against Naxal attacks. The 49-year-old man who was a lecturer in his early stage later became a successful IPS officer. This brave man led his own battle team against the enemies and shed his life in the last fearless campaigns.


Life at early stage

Vinod Kumar Chaubey was born at Bilaspur. His father Dwaraka Prasad Choubey was a senior journalist. He worked for Nagpur based English newspaper and, then later started his own newspaper called the Bilaspur Times. This newspaper was called as the first evening newspaper in 1975 at Bilaspur district. He was an M.Sc graduate.


Vinod Kumar Chaubey started his career as a chemistry lecturer in Bilaspur at the CMD Girls College. Later in 1983 he joined the Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Madhya Pradesh state police service. He joined Indian Police Service in the year 1996. When was posted at the district Balrampur in the year 2003 he was shot and injured by the Maoists. This incident was took place in Balrampur in the border of Jharkhand.

Later during his service as  a SP in kanker  he was a survivor of the Naxalite ambush which took place in the Bastar which was considered as a tribal region. In the year 2003 chaubey received the prestigious President’s medal for his bravery. He brought the naxal network in the urban to the light. He was behind the severe arrests and encounter of the naxals in the cities of Raipur and Bhilai in 2008.

This made Chaubey the most important enemy to the naxals as he once got a threat call from those group he was their main target. This led to the loss of his life in the naxal violence which was considered as the first among the IPS officers in Chhattisgarh.

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Terrific attack

It was on July 12, 2009 where Chaubey received a message where the  two policeman were killed by the naxals attacks in the district Rajnandgaon . He along with his force reached the spot. Suddenly the naxalites fired his vehicle and his driver got injured. He spontaneously took the control of the vehicle and the brought the driver to a safer zone. The fierce fight started between the naxalities and the police party. He was a man who always workout the plan by ensuring safety to the public by rescuing a civilian transport from the naxals attack in the same day. The police force was strong to take hold of the naxals, but suddenly 300 naxalites came from the forest and started attacking the police force by climbing the trees. Chaubey and his team gave a good fight but the battle had taken away the life of the IPS officer Vinod Kumar Chaubey.

The one and the only great man from Chhattisgarh who was a IPS officer who shed his valuable life for his people by the naxalites and was honored for his bravery with the peacetime gallantry award called the  Kirti Chakra.

Ancy J

I am an Engineering graduate and an incorrigible optimist. I love encouraging and helping people through my writing and counselling.

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Ancy J

I am an Engineering graduate and an incorrigible optimist. I love encouraging and helping people through my writing and counselling.

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