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Military and serving for the nation runs in the blood for the most of us but all of us are not given that opportunity to serve the nation or we do not opt for that in front of the other career options and that fear of death. But when this spirit of nationalism and doing something for the nations lies in those few best men of our land, nothing can beat their bravery and courage. There are many such heroes who did give away their lives for the sake of the motherland and peaceful nights of other people. And to mention, than Major Kamlesh Pathak is one of the hero who has equally fought against the enemies to save the major population of India.

According to the sources it is said that the Rashtriya Rifles platoon led by the Major Kamlesh Pathak was on a routine patrol at Sukhamali in Dessa area, when they were suddenly attacked by the militants from the back of the bush. They did not expect any kind of attack and were on regular round of the routine patrolling.

When the army of was attacked, the soldiers did attack back and fired back bravely but unfortunately, one of the rifles hit Major Kamlesh Pathak and he was directly rushed to the hospital. During the encounter, a hawaldar was also attacked and injured. And while the ambulance was on its way to the hospital, the major succumbed.

And by the time the major was taken to the hospital, the militants did flee away very easily because of the terrain region and that they did take the advantage of running away while the attention was focused on the major Kamlesh.

Major Kamlesh Pathak was attacked earlier as well when he informs his family saying that he is having little of pain and that his injury is healing and then suddenly he was attacked by the enemies and had to give away his life. Many families like that of Major Kamlesh’s has lost their child in order to give a new birth to the mother land. And that tradition remains the same since years and will be continuing.

Major Kamlesh Pathak was one of the brave Indian soldiers who gave up his life in saving the life of the motherland and that his name is counted under the heroes of the Kargil War Conflict. He did not die with the mere soldier but with the recognition of a Major and also that he is one of the heroes of the Kargil War Conflict.

It is not easy to give away your lives for the betterment of the other and that leave your family back in order to secure the various other hundred and thousands of families who purely rely on the soldiers, their bravery and sacrifice. And Kamlesh Pathak belongs to the same category of the heroes and a salute is only that he deserves or that we could pay to him for what he and his team do for us.

Vidhi Puri

Gender neutral, not a feminist! Zealous writer.

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Vidhi Puri

Gender neutral, not a feminist! Zealous writer.

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