Ram Prasad Bismil, The patriotic poet who stirred our patriotic passion!

Light a candle for this great Indian hero

Ram Prasad Bismil was known both as a freedom fighter and patriotic poet. He had stirred the people ‘s patriotism through his words and active participation in various freedom struggle movements. He was a bilingual poet who composed poems in Urdu and Hindi. He had used various pen names such as Agyat, Bismil and Ram. He was highly praised by  Bhagat Singh for his poetic works and he was also well versed in translation of books such as Catherine and Bolshevikon Ki Kartoot. He was also well-known as a founder of a revolutionary group.

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Early period

Ram Prasad Bismil was born at Uttar Pradesh in a district called Shahjahanpur, on June 11th 1897 to parents Murlidhar and Moolmati. He was from an orthodox Hindu family. He had started his education from an English Medium school in the city and later he moved to the Government school in Shahjahanpur. He was very much interested in composing poems and  wrote poems in the pseudonym Bismil.

 Contribution for freedom struggle

Ram Prasad Bismil had played a significant role in the Indian freedom struggle movement as he found a revolutionary group called the Matrivedi and the meaning of this organization is Altar of Motherland. He approached Pt. Genda Lal Dixit  who was a schoolteacher in Auraiya .

His poetic contribution for freedom struggle led to the publication of pamphlets under the name Deshvasiyon Ke Nam Sandesh, which means A Message to Countrymen.  The pamphlets were distributed which had a poetic composition of  Mainpuri Ki Pratigya, meaning Vow to Manipuri.

Bismil and his organization Matrivedi had decided to gather funds for various operations and political activities of the party so they had planned to loot and raid from the wealthy people among the society.

On 1918, the party members had undertaken looting in three separate occasions for conducting various freedom struggle activities. This had led to the criminal case filed  against the members of the party.  This incident was called as the Mainpuri Conspiracy. As a result of the judgment  on November 1st 1919, Pt. Genda Lal Dixit and Bismil were declared as absconders.

Bismil wrote number of books during the year 1919 and 1920. He also became the member of Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) and was declared as the chief of arms division and district organizer in Shahjahanpur. The historic incident for the looting called as the Kakori conspiracy or Kakori Train Robbery took place on August 9th  1925 where the Bismil and his members raided the treasury of the British Government which had been carried through a train. As a result Ram Prasad Bismil was sentenced to death along with the other three members.

Ram Prasad Bismil
Source: sikhgurusandgurdwaras.info


Young patriotic poets

Ram Prasad Bismil the great Indian patriotic poet had shed his life for the country and contributed a lot through his poems and revolutionary movements against the British Government.

He was well-known as a brave man who had a fierce in freeing the motherland which was reflected through his poems. Let us all salute him for his patriotism and the contribution for all the valuable patriotic poems about our motherland which stirs our patriotic passion even if we read now!

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I am an Engineering graduate and an incorrigible optimist. I love encouraging and helping people through my writing and counselling.

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Ancy J

I am an Engineering graduate and an incorrigible optimist. I love encouraging and helping people through my writing and counselling.

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