Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, the real hero of the famous battle of Longewala.

Major Kuldip Singh is majorly known for the leadership that he had demonstrated during the famous battle of Longewala.  He with his 120 soldiers fought the bravest battle against the Pakistani army of about 2000-3000 belonging to the  51st Infantry Brigade backed up by the 22nd Armored Regiment.

The small group maintained the post till the Indian air force could come to their assistance and destroy the enemy.  It was an impossible task but made possible by the some of the greatest Indian heroes. Major Kuldip Singh was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for this.

Major Kuldip Singh born on 22 November, 1940 is a retired military officer in the Indian army who still breathes at the pink of his health. Kuldip Singh is being awarded Maha Vir Chakra award by the government of India and has won many other recognition in the country for his bravery and courage and his dedication towards the country land.

Baby Kuldip was born in Montgomery of the Punjab region of the undivided India. He belongs to the Gurjar family. The family background talks about the bravery and courage that one has or should have and that they should be dedicated towards the family and well as the home land. He is also an active member of the NSS and has also cleared the NSS exams when he passed from his college, government aided, in Hoshiyarpur in 1962.

Kuldip Singh served in the 1965 war in the western area and after the war he even did serve in the United Nations Emergency Force at Gaza in Egypt for almost a year. He was almost trained when he reached to the age of 25 and liked the way that he was serving his mother land as well as his fellow mates. After his teaching and training, he also took the opportunity of training and instructing as a tutor at the prestigious Infantry School, Mhow(MP), where the elite class families did send their children to get the instructions as well as combat training.

He tried his best in making up his own mind, building up his body, and inspiring his men. He moved from bunker to bunker and encouraged each and every one to fight back with the enemies, win them over and stay strong until the reinforcements arrived. They tried inflicting heavy casualties and also did force the enemy to retreat and force them to leave behind twelve tanks. And for the same bravery, conspicuous gallantry and the leader ship that he did show, he was awarded with the Maha Vir Chakra Award by the Indian Army and the government of India.

22slde3The Sunny Deol’s character in the film “Border” was inspired by this amazing man and he remains the real hero behind the Reel hero.

And for the best part, he retired from the Indian Army with the post of Brigadier and has been respected for the work that he has been giving to his country land as well as his fellow mates.

Vidhi Puri

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Vidhi Puri

Gender neutral, not a feminist! Zealous writer.

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