Anuj Nayyar, the folk hero of the Kargil war commands respect even today by every Indian.

Light a candle for this great Indian hero

Anuj Nayyar is known for the bravery and courage along with the leadership qualities that he displayed during the Kargil conflict.

He was given the mission to secure the Pt. 4875, also known as Pimple II, which is a strategic mountain peak on the western side of the Tiger Hill. Securing the mountain was a gigantic task because of its height.  In spite of this, Nayyar and his team decided to secure the peak and that also without any aerial support.

imagesThe battle had just started when the platoon’s company commander suffered injuries. This did not deter their determination and they continued the assault. Except that, the team was now split into two.

Captain Nayyar led one team and under his leadership, the assault team destroyed three medium machine gun bunkers. A rocket propelled grenade fell directly on him during the attack on the fourth bunker which injured him grievously.

In spite of this, he continued leading his group till the last bunker was cleared on Pt 4875. Only then did he take his last breath. In fact, not a single soldier of his team from the Charlie company survived this battle.

Major Nayyar was awarded posthumously the Maha Vir Chakra and is still being remembered for his bravery and valor that displayed.

Anuj Nayyar was born on 28th august, 1975 in New Delhi under the training of the father, S.K. Nayyar who was a professor at the Delhi School for Economics and her mother, Meena Nayyar, who worked at the library of the south Building of the Delhi University. Anuj was a brilliant student and that he performed well in the studies as well as sports during his school days.

After his schooling, he went to the Army Public school for his high school and graduated from the national Defence academy and completed his training. He then joined the 17th battalion Jat Regiment in 1997 from Indian military academy.

His life and the work were depicted in many of the newspaper articles as well as the Bollywood movie such as L.O.C Kargil and in Dhoop; the life of his parents is being depicted. Anuj Nayyar remains in the hearts of the people as well as the military boards setting a brave example for the successors.

Vidhi Puri

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Vidhi Puri

Gender neutral, not a feminist! Zealous writer.

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